What People Say About Elvia P. Garcia

Very good attorney


“Elvia is really responsible at her work she is very on it she does help you with whatever problem is going on in your case, she is an awesome attorney I definitely recommend her she was very understanding in what I was asking for and will definitely get you granted what it is that your asking for. I am very satisfied with her work.”

Excellent Lawyer, Very helpful!


“I was referred to Elvia back in 2014 while trying to obtain shared custody of my son. I was faced with a situation where I might not have been able to be a part of my child’s life. Relations with my son’s mother had always been difficult and without a written agreement or court order my presence in my child’s life would have suffered. Elvia advised me through the entire situation and was always quick to respond when I had questions. The case eventually ended up in courts a total of three times with one of the times being a trial matter. Elvia was very professional in court and I always felt as if we always obtained the results that we were after. The entire process was very difficult to say the least but we were ultimately successful with our case. Elvia’s not only helped me obtain the custody that I wanted but also helped me keep a decent relationship with my son’s mother through the process. I am now seeing my son regularly and am happy knowing he will grow up with his father in his life. I would strong recommend Elvia as a lawyer, she was great at her job and was a really great human being to get to know during this process.”

Divorce and Child Custody


“As a foreign in this country I still have my right, but sometimes is important to have in your side the right professional, Elvia help me with my divorce and child custody, without going to fight on court, I got what I deserve so my child, so we could continue in our home in Santa Barbara.
Beside her professionalism, and her bilingual, she as a person is great and create confident and peace of mind on people in any situation.
Thanks Elvia! for sure you will be highly recommended from my side, I greatly appreciate your help.”



“When it comes to a case of divorce, dissolution’s and Judgment’s we get scared and never know what to expect or do. That was my case, getting married to a fake person with lies, I requested assistance to Elvia P. Garcia lawyer in Santa Barbara. Elvia knew exactly what we needed to do, submit and what I could of call a waist of personal information given to the other party’s lawyer., Elvia assisted me with the judgment on my case and I am finally free, divorced has been granted just has she informed me and when I would of expected the judgment to finalize. She is a great lawyer, professional and capable to understand you has a person. I greatly appreciate her services and Highly recommend her!!! 100%”

Understanding, knowledgeable and diligent


“I hired Ms. Garcia about 6 months ago to represent me in my dissolution of marriage action. Divorce was a very hard decision for me to make, but from the first call I had with Ms. Garcia, she made me feel comfortable. Needless to say that didn’t stop thought out her representation of me. She kept me informed the entire process. She was very responsive and always willing and able to answer any questions of concerns. I cannot thank her enough for her expertise and making this process easier than I had expected. I definitely recommend her to anyone.”


Julian Ramirez

“I recieved a 2nd dui in Santa Barbara and I live in a different county. Elvia Garcia was excellent in helping me out with my case. She took care of all court issues and made appearances on my behalf. At one point when my case dragged on longer than usual I offered to pay more money. Elvia told me to not worry about additional charges. She got me a better deal then what was being given put to others with the same charges. I would deffinetly reccomend her.”

A True Professional and Champion


“I reached out to Elvia to help with an expungement. It was a very complex case and Elvia was extremely thorough, diligent, and professional throughout the entire process. In the end, our request for expungement was granted and I’m quite sure it would not have been granted without her help. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a great attorney on their side”

Elvia looks out for you 100%


“In a field that many people don’t know much about until circumstances force them to seek legal help, Elvia looks out for her client’s interests above her own. She responded quickly to my concerns and explained everything to me in a manner which I understood. Elvia is trustworthy and honest. She doesn’t play down the cirmunstances and getting fast and favorable results demonstrates her relentless work ethic. I highly recommend Elvia!”

Very helpful and returns phone calls quickly!


“I really recommend Elvia Garcia- She looks at every detail very carefully in order to decide on the best course of action. She is also very personable: we never hesitated to email her or call her when we had a question, and she always took the time to respond without ever being patronizing. She clearly loves her job and is great at it! Thank you.”

Great attorney


“Elvia is one word AMAZING. She handled my child support/ custody case and always kept me up to date with the case. If I ever had a question I would email her and she got back to me right away. She is very professional and trustworthy. If my friends or family member ever need an attorney I will refer them to her.
Elvia also helped me get a couple of old case expunged”

Highly Recommend


“I’m pleased to recommend Elvia. She is an empathetic representative with an efficient attitude towards her work. Elvia is exceptionally supportive, determined, and effective, making her ideal for legal counsel.”

Awesome Lawyer


“I totally recommend Lawyer Elvia P Garcia! She was able to help me have my old case expunge. She kept me inform with the process and forward me any information regarding my issue. Very professional and pleasant to work with. I would for sure keep her name and number in my book if ever needed.”

“Very Helpful, Friendly and Knowledgeable”

Christopher, a Divorce client, about a month ago

“Elvia was the first person I spoke with when I was searching out a lawyer near the court house. Unfortunately, I was in an accident on the day I was set to meet her and Gregory. When I was able to get there (6 + months later) she remembered me and the particulars of my case. Elvia has always been friendly and knowledgeable and was dedicated to helping with the resolution to my case. Thank you so very much Elvia!”

“Knowledgable, responsive, and efficient – exactly what you want!”

Tom, a Criminal Defense client, 3 months ago

“Eliva was extremely helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable in handling my criminal matter. She guided me through the entire process and kept me informed of exactly what I needed to do to resolve my issue. A process I thought would take at least a month was resolved within about a week due to her hard work and prompt communication, which was a pleasant surprise as in my experience other lawyer’s response times really dragged out the issue making me needlessly worry. “