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Restraining Order Lawyer

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Domestic violence comes in many forms, and it affects people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. While women and children are the most common victims of domestic violence, men can also be affected. People who have been victims of domestic violence are often afraid to seek help. At the Law Offices of Gregory I. McMurray, P.C., we have years of experience helping victims of domestic violence obtain the protection of the law.

Our experienced team focuses on securing orders of protection for persons who have been threatened by or who have experienced violence by a family member, spouse, ex-spouse, or household member.

Obtaining an Order of Protection

Restraining orders are legal documents commonly used to protect the victims of domestic violence from their abusers. The exact restrictions of the restraining order can vary from case to case, but they can include forbidding the abuser from coming within a certain distance of the victim. Restraining orders can also forbid attempts to contact the victim by phone, mail, or other means.

Domestic violence comes in many different forms and actual violence such as an attempted assault or battery does not have to occur. A threat, intimidation, harassment, stalking, or interference with personal liberty is grounds for an Order of Protection. Restraining orders are not usually permanent, but they can be an effective way to keep an abuser away while the victim pursues legal action and works to restore his or her life to order. We can act quickly to obtain a temporary restraining order.

We can represent people who have been accused of Domestic Violence.

Restraining orders are not meant to be used as a dishonest tactic to gain a strategic advantage in divorce or custody disputes. Unfortunately, some people in these situations often fabricate domestic violence allegations and petition for a protective order simply to punish or gain an unfair advantage on the other party involved.

If you feel you are being wrongfully accused by a former spouse or someone who is abusing the court system by filing fraudulent claims of harassment, abuse or assault, contact the Law Offices of Gregory I. McMurray, P.C. for immediate assistance. We have lots of experience in protective order and restraining order defense.

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When a advocate for children and families hears of an attorney who is doing a great job at fighting for the families in the broken juvenile system and against the broken system of CPS… I just want to thank you from many families as you are a rare Gem to find! Thank you so much and pray for many blessing for your life and know you are a RARE find! 


I hired Ms. Garcia about 6 months ago to represent me in my dissolution of marriage action. Divorce was a very hard decision for me to make, but from the first call I had with Ms. Garcia, she made me feel comfortable. She kept me informed the entire process. She was very responsive and always willing and able to answer any questions of concerns. I cannot thank her enough for her expertise and making this process easier than I had expected. I definitely recommend her to anyone.


I couldn’t recommend Elvia highly enough. When the legal system left me hurt and confused, she fought fiercely and got me results.

Elvia believes in what she does and her passion shines through in her work. She couldn’t have done a better job for me and I know she’ll fight just as successfully for you.


A very good friend of mine referred me to Mr. McMurray. He is an extremely intelligent person. He is diligent in his work and a true advocate for his clients. He takes a personal interest in understanding how you want to be represented. He then brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the law and manages your case in an expedient way. 


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