Move Away / Relocation

Santa Barbara Move Away attorney

If you are thinking about moving with your children, or whether you are a parent who wishes to prevent a move away from taking place, this is probably one of the most important times for you to at least consult with an experience family law attorney.

At the Law Offices of Gregory I. McMurray, P.C., we have helped many families through relocation issues. We know that there are reasons for moving, it could be a job transfer, a new career opportunity or the custodial parent might be remarrying someone in another city or state. Child custody relocation cases can become very emotional, and often end up in litigation. In your free initial consultation, you will begin addressing issues and questions to your child custody move away case:

  • What are your current custodial arrangements?
  • What is your current child support agreement?
  • When will you be moving?
  • How far away will you be moving?
  • What type of visitation can you expect?

In situations where a custodial parent wants to move away with the child, the court will look at all relevant factors in deciding whether to allow the move, including: the reason for the move, the effect of the move on the child and on the child’s relationship with the non-custodial parent. Depending on the age of the child they may be able to sign an affidavit expressing their preferences whether or not they want to move away. We will guide you through the complicated process of requesting permission to relocate or opposing your ex-spouse’s request to move away with the children.

Child Custody Relocation Representation

If you are the non-custodial parent and your ex-spouse is planning to relocate with the children, and you oppose the move, we highly recommend that you file a motion to prevent the relocation as soon as possible. It is our experience that the Court is more likely to preclude a party from relocating with the children if the move has not taken place yet, as opposed to requiring a party who already moved with the children to move back if a motion was not timely filed to prevent such move.

Contact a Child Custody Move Away Attorney

At the Law Offices of Gregory I. McMurray, P.C., we will guide you through the legal issues and help you navigate the legal maze that may result in sanctions or losing custody. If possible, we will help you to reach a peaceful resolution of the problem. If a negotiated solution is not possible, then we will be prepared to fight for your rights in all situations.

If you or someone you love is preparing for a divorce or has questions pertaining to their rights during a move-away custody battle, contact our Santa Barbara office today at 805-965-3703 or email us, we offer free initial consultations.