Public Intoxication (Drunk In Public)

Santa Barbara Public Intoxication Attorney

For many, visiting the Santa Barbara area can be a pleasant and memorable experience. However, due to heavy tourism and college students the Santa Barbara Police Department has a stern approach to those believed to have consumed too much alcohol and is arrested for being “drunk in public”. Good people do not deserve to have their record tarnished by one act of indiscretion; we will fight to have the charge of public intoxication dismissed so that your employment, education or professional license will not be adversely affected.

Protecting Your Rights

The crime of public intoxication requires that the prosecution prove that the defendant was so intoxicated that he or she could no longer care for the safety of him or herself or are a danger to the general public. Public intoxication is a misdemeanor but can be reduced to an infraction with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. In many cases, a lawyer can go to Court for the client thus saving the person unneeded humiliation, embarrassment and the expense of travel and taking off time from work, public intoxication can also be dismissed completely using various defenses and a criminal defense attorney should be contacted for a consultation.

At the Law Offices of Gregory I. McMurray, P.C., we will vigorously defend clients against public intoxication and open container violations. Whether you were arrested walking home from a party in Isla Vista or found with a beer on your bike down on State Street, we have the ability to mount an aggressive defense and make sure your side of the story is heard.

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If you, a friend or a loved one is charged with Drunk in Public in Santa Barbara County, or facing Disorderly Conduct charges, don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and call our office today. We will fight to get you the best possible outcome in your case. We represent clients who live in Santa Barbara and surrounding communities, as well as students attending the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), Santa Barbara City College (SBCC), Westmont College and the Brooks Institute for Photography.