Juvenile Crimes

Santa Barbara Juvenile Defense Attorney

Nothing is more worrisome to a parent than having their child get in of legal trouble. Parents want the best for their children, and when they face legal trouble, helping them through the situation is crucial. An allegation of a juvenile crime can have a devastating effect on your child’s reputation, livelihood and overall well-being. It is crucial that a Juvenile case be handled with extreme care and caution by an experienced Juvenile defense lawyer. Whether your child is guilty of a crime, or was in the wrong place at the wrong time, you will need a committed and experienced Santa Barbara juvenile crime attorney to guide you through the legal process and aggressively defend your child’s case.

There are many ways to handle juvenile cases and it is important to be represented by a juvenile criminal attorney who has a proven track record for getting the best results. If this is a first offense, the courts in Santa Barbara and Ventura County all have programs designed for certain first time offenders which will ultimately result in dismissal of your child’s juvenile charges. Your child may also be eligible to seal or expunge their Juvenile case. You do not want your child starting adulthood with a criminal record.

A Lawyer who Advocates for Minors

At the Law Offices of Gregory I. McMurray, P.C., we have years of experience in juvenile law and have successfully defended many young clients accused of juvenile crimes, from misdemeanors to felonies, juvenile crimes may include, but are not limited to, the following offenses:

Committed Juvenile Representation

Being convicted of a crime as a juvenile is a serious matter. The opportunities to receive adequate employment, a driver’s license and college grants may all be hindered if convicted.
If you are a parent who wants to keep a conviction from going on your child’s criminal record or if you want to defend your child from pending juvenile charges, contact the Law Offices of Gregory I. McMurray, P.C., at our Santa Barbara office, we offer free initial consultations call 805-965-3703 or email us.